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    Plantação Nova

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    Pátio de recepção

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    Tanque de Rega em xisto


The olive oil “Origens” was created by Filomena Branco Carvalho Neto, having its exploration being held in Mascarenhas in the council of Mirandela. Associating tradition, quality and innovation with modern agricultural techniques in biological production, it obtains distinct products that appeal to the aromas, the origins, and the best traditions of the North-East “Transmontano”. Being it an appealing brand for its content and image, it is distinguished in the Bio and Gourmet markets. 

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Rua Dr. Alberto Carvalho, nº4
Valbom dos Figos 5370-175
Mirandela, Portugal
(+351) 91 906 15 30

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